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Reference Data Tool

Take control of your Data Platform Reference Data in real-time, with a simple, intuitive, centralised interface.
Tempo allows important information to flow seamlessly across your organisation with effective governance.
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Tempo, a game changer tool for
Reference Data Management

Keep your Reference Data up-to-date in real-time with
effective Governance

Tempo, developed by Clear Strategy, is a purpose-built application designed to effectively manage Enterprise Reference Data, within your Data Platform. This data is crucial for categorising and structuring various types of data into groups such as:

Customer Segments, Product Code, Financial Hierarchies, Country Code

Business-user friendly Interface

With our carefully designed features and user-centric approach, managing your Reference Data has never been more effortless or engaging!

Reference Data plays a unique role in transforming specific information into valuable business insights, it provides contextual information throughout your organisation. Tempo empowers data professionals and business users to efficiently manage reference data, ensuring smooth data operations.

  • Intuitive and clean user interface
  • Streamlines process of adding, editing and deleting data
  • Effortless data modification and group editing

Integrates with any Data Platform

Tempo easily integrates with cloud-based data platforms. During set up, the administrator configures a list of available databases and assigns permissions for users or user roles.

Tempo ensures that users only access and work with the specific set of tables assigned to them.

Users interact with Tempo in a familiar tabular format, and can perform group editing, easy filtering, importing from .csv files and exporting to .csv or excel in a single operation.

Tempo users enjoy elevated data quality and reporting, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets and SQL operations.

Comprehensive audit trail

Tempo empowers organisations to centralise control of Reference Data in a consistently compliant manner, providing real-time visibility into applied changes and maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of all data modifications. Tempo users enjoy elevated Data Governance practices.

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